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“Organized by Tory has an amazingly friendly and positive approach.  They came to my home and quickly assessed the situation and got to work.  They unpacked my things, set up my furniture and organized my items in a manner that was highly decisive and logical.  I didn’t even need to ask where things were put; everything was organized in such an intuitive manner that I can find them easily.  It is such an incredible feeling to live in a place that is so well-organized.  Their rates are very reasonable and they are very efficient.  They are honest and they take pride in what they do.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”
(Move-In) Private residence, New Rochelle, NY



“Tory did a great job organizing my home, removing many years of clutter that my husband, children and I created over those many years.  She helped secure a storage facility for me and provided me with a dumpster to throw out items I was not planning on donating.  She arranged the donation of many items which significantly helped me with my downsizing project.  She was instrumental in staging our home once all the clutter was removed thus making it easier to sell our home.  Once our home was sold, they helped us with the planning and execution of our move. Organized by Tory made the whole process a lot easier than I could have imagined!  I thank them for their endless patience!”
(De-Clutter/Downsizing/Staging/Move) Private residence, Fairfield, CT



“Our son recently moved out and I wanted to turn his room into my home office but I didn’t have a clue where to start…I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it. When I hired Tory to handle this project my fears were over.  I no longer felt overwhelmed because I knew I was dealing with a professional. I now have a beautiful home office, with a pull out sofa for use by my son when he comes home to visit. It’s a joy having this well-organized office space. “

(Office Space) Private residence, Stamford, CT



“I found the professional organizer to be everything and more than I expected. She was always on time, helpful and very considerate.  We went room by room talking our way through each job and then considering what would be helpful containers or organizing items to purchase for completion. She helped me throw away items that were no longer useful and helped me give items to charity.”
(De-Clutter/Organizing) Private residence, Bronxville, NY



“I decided that to be able to sell our house, I would have to get rid of all of my junk first, I’m a bit of a hoarder.  It took me a while to actually pick up the phone and hire a Professional Organizer…I kept putting it off…for years!  I finally hired Organized by Tory to organize our home and to stage it before we put it on the market.  As she took it apart, I became stressed and felt very discouraged.  The organizer incorporated a fun environment while we worked, which made it so much better to handle.  As the last day arrived, I was an awe of how my house had transformed and because of that transformation we decide not to sell our home!  Everything now has a place and I’m very grateful to stay where we are. She knew exactly where to start and how to get the job finished in our discussed time frame, while having fun!”
(De-Clutter/Organizing) Private residence, Norwalk, CT

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